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Pentecost Revisted

Discover why tongues of Pentecost divide—and how they can unite the church of Jesus Christ.

Glenn Brown’s book Pentecost Revisited introduces a theological debate that is long overdue. With heartfelt conviction, this veteran Assemblies of God pastor lovingly, but boldly, declares that his church has long mistaken the true purpose of speaking in tongues.

Intelligently and clearly, Brown describes his doctrinal differences with the Assemblies of God concerning speaking in tongues as the initial physical evidence of Spirit baptism. Drawing on over fifty years of experience as an Assemblies of God pastor, Navy chaplain and missionary, he presents a sound scriptural and historical alternative position. Brown asserts that the value of Spirit-inspired language is significantly increased when manifested in keeping with God’s purposes for this gift. He offers biblical evidence that tongues, correctly understood, will reverse Babel and help unite the body of Christ around the world.

Brown’s developing disagreement with his church’s dogmatic tradition concerning speaking in tongues came to a head in Vietnam in 1968. His conscience prompted him to honestly admit that he could no longer affirm his allegiance to the proposition that every valid baptism in the Holy Spirit must be initially evidenced by speaking in tongues. He has since come to see that there is a far more significant purpose for this manifestation. That important purpose relates to Christ’s prayer for unity within the Church and is a major theme of this book.

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