It’s Time to Bite the Bullet

When I was assigned to a helicopter carrier preparing to go to Vietnam in 1968 I had not resolved an inner conflict regarding a doctrinal position regarding evidential tongues that I had come to see as extremely divisive. In my wider association with Christians of all stripes I observed those who gave clear evidence of […]

The Pentecostal/Charismatic World Wide Movement

In preparation for “blogging” I read a column written by a veteran and well-known blogger. His advice to beginners like me was simple. “Choose a topic that interests you and one in which you have an above average measure of expertise. This will allow you to present insights and knowledge that others interested in the […]

Russian Separatist Atrocities

On Wednesday, 27 August, I had visitors from Ukraine. Ivan Khrypta, Sr., the Pentecostal Bishop in western Ukraine who I first met more than 21 years ago during my first Ukraine trip came to see me. He is visiting his son who immigrated to the Seattle area about ten years ago. Bishop Khrypta (now retired), […]

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