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19 Responses

  1. Bill Prather says:

    Dave Patterson, my best friend, sent me a copy and I read it in two sittings. Absolutely agree with your thoughts. I identified many times throughout the book, being a chaplain, myself, and bred, born, and raised in a Wyoming Assemblies of God church. The evidence was tongues, period. I lived in constant “fear” of loosing my soul until I was twenty years old because I didn’t speak in tongues, “rather than my native language, when I was in public and/or private worship. Enlightment came first when Bro. Riggs took me under his wing when at Bethany. Later, as a pastor of an A/G church, I became convienced (within myself) that being filled with the Holy Spirit is a soverign act of God. I will never forget being excoriated by the breathern in the Wisconsin District, primarily those within my own Section, first and formost because I grew a beard and coming in close second was that I would not invite and person to the church’s pulpit that was considered a “Holy Ghost” anointed evangelist who “got people filled.” The presbyter of the section, visited me one day and asked what I was preaching on. He had heard that I was in the midst of a twelve week series entitiled: Christians Building Meaningful and Healthy Relationship. He asked me if I had ever “got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.” Followed by, “do you ever get the anointing and speak in tongues when you preach?” When answering in the negative, he suggested that I start praying for “the anointing, and then “my” people would really get something out of the preaching.

    The sad thing for me Glen about my response to the “questionaire” is that I always had a deep conviction about checking the YES box. I did not have the courage and guts to say, no. I had not educated myself in the scriptures in order to be confident in defending my position. So, to my integral detriment over the years, I hesitated before I checked the box, sensed dissidence at the checking, and guilt for a time afterward. Your book has all of that away, given me the courage, desire, knowledge and joy of being able to check NO, authentically with respect.

    I also indentify with the historical bigotry of our Fellowship. Surfice to say, I left a church after serving nine months because of it. It was touted that I was “run out on a rail because I loved ‘blacks’.” Enough said. God has always and remains soverign in my life.

    As the time presents itself, we will meet. If not on this side the other. I love your sister Carol. One of the sweetist, dearest “ladies,” I have ever known. I remain thrilled to know that I attended Dave as his best man.

    Keep the faith,
    Bill Prather

  2. Glenn Brown says:

    Bill, thanks for sharing. Dave and Carol have spoken so very highly of you. It will be a joy to meet you sometime. God willing, I will still be around on planet earth for a few more years. But if not, I’ll greet you from the Homeland.

    I’m moving a few books just by word of mouth. I suppose I will have to hire an agent or media firm to get the book out in the Christian mainstream.

    Although most of the 5,200 books printed are in my garage I have already begun thinking about a revised second edition. If that happens could I include a portion of your testimony. It could anonymous if you choose. Of course, another edition my never happen unlessI can find readers for the first one.

    My district sup. has been very supportive and has written to NCal/Nev constituency to prayerfully consider what I have written. Only a few have responded to his challenge. In view of the action of the 53rd GC I don’t know if my D S can continue to be supportive. I have assured him that if he wants another letter of resignation if will submit it.

    Another D S from the heartland reminded me that the GC had voted unanimously that A/G ministers must affirm their belief in the traditional view of tongues in order to retain credentials. In other words, get on board or risk dismissal. I replied that if what I had written was not of God then I wanted it to come to nothing but if it was of Him then multiple unanimous votes could not annul it.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

    Warmly in Christ,

    Glenn Brown

  3. Bro. Brown,
    Thank you for being an example of conviction to all ministers; young and old, who may feel trapped or in fear of being ostracized for not toeing the line in all things. Dave Patterson sent me a copy of this book, Dave and Carol are great friends to us. After reading I have to say there are areas of which we may not see completely eye to eye but as far as the Holy Spirit goes I do believe along the lines of your book. I do believe there are areas of which you will be open to criticism by others over scriptural interpretation. Early in the book you cite examples of where those who hold to the traditional view have inserted likely or it seems possible instead a sound scriptural interpretation; yet later in the book you yourself insert on pages 135-160? the word “likely” quite often even leading to the heading “a major doctrine should never be based on assumptions”. I just believe that will be an opening for criticism. Thanks for being brave enough, not rebellious, to ask the hard questions. Our faith is only pure when it is tried in the fire, tested. God bless you Bro. Brown…

  4. Mike Bowerman says:

    Pastor Brown
    We met in Uzhgorod, Ukraine and you gave me the last copy of your book Pentecost Revisted. I told you I would begin reading it on the long plane ride home and probably finish it. Well, I started reading it the next day and finished it on the ride to Budapest before I ever got on a plane ! Its an awesome book. I love my church and am so thankful for the emphasis on the Baptisim in the Holy Spirit but I have always struggled with the phrase the “intial eveidence”. Your book answered alot of questions I had. Many of my friends will be getting a copy for Christmas. May you continue to be used by the Lord to bring unity into the church through your preaching, teaching and writing. I pray and hope you come to WNY to share this message.

    the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you
    Mike Bowerman

  5. Glenn Brown says:

    I just sent an email to Tanya and staff at Nehemia Center with pictures taken when we were there together. So glad God enabled our paths to cross in Ukraine. I hope to return there in May if Tanya still wants me to conduct a seminar at Nehemiah.

    I’d be delighted to minister in WNY next year. I love to share what the Lord has made real to my heart. It seems to be resonating with many of my Pentecostal
    brothers and sisters. Just let me know when. I think I told you I have two sisters in NYC and one in NJ so I get back East as often as possible.

    I hope my monograph helped give a firm scriptural foundation to my understanding of tongues that accompany Spirit baptism. Many people find it difficult to relate to the Jewish culture 2,000 years ago.

    May God grant you and Pam a blessed celebration of our Lord’s birth.

    May God’s grace and peace be yours richly,

    Glenn Brown

  6. Rob Stroud says:

    Just learned about your book. Knowing that you’re a writer, I thought I would invite you to think about contributing to the new professional journal for military chaplains, Curtana: Sword of Mercy. You can download a free copy at http://www.justwar101.com/journal. I would love to hear your suggestion(s) for an article or editorial.
    Rob Stroud
    Chaplain, USAF (Retired)

  7. Andy Harris says:

    Dear Brother Brown,

    This issue has been debated for generations.

    However, I find it alarming that, while holding credentials with the Assemblies of God, you would publish a book which teaches against one of their cardinal doctrines, i.e., the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial, physical evidence of the speaking in other tongues. Acts 2:4, 10:44-46; 19:1-6.

    Don’t you think the ethical thing to do would be for you to join a church with which you agree? Or, is your desire to bring division within the Assemblies of God?


    Andy Harris

  8. Glenn Brown says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thank you for your letter. It is obvious you haven’t read my book or you would know I submitted an official letter of resignation to my denomination over a year ago before I wrote my book. My district superintendent would not accept my letter and recommended to our national Hdq. office that my ordaination be continued through 2009. When I was writing my manuscript I told my DS that my book opposed our tradition that valid Spirit baptism must always be initially evidenced by speaking in tongues. I told him, “When I finish the manuscript, I will send you a copy before it is published. When you have read the manuscript
    I think you will want another letter of resignation before it is published.”

    I sent my beloved District Superintendent the manuscript and after he read it he sent me a note of thanks but he did not request another letter of resignation. I called him on the phone to remind him of my offer. I did not want him to be embarrased by my book and was fully anticipating sending a second letter of resignation. He blessed me and surprised me by saying, “Glenn, don’t resign. Our people need to read what you have written.” So I honored him and his request. However, the national office of the A/G has since applied pressure and I have again submitted a letter of resignation. It will be accepted I’m sure. I have transferred to another endorsing organization.

    As one beloved leader in the Assemblies of God told me, “Assemblies of God ministers are afraid to participate in honest dialogue concerning their traditions.” I have found that to be true of many. Truth has nothing to fear and I am happy to dialogue about the position Scripture has led me take. Check out my website where you can order an inexpensive 20 page monograph that gives a Scriptural refutation of the traditional A/G position on this subject. Or read my book.

    Your fellow pilgrim on the journey HOME,

    Glenn Brown

  9. Vernon Smith says:

    Brother Brown,

    Hope you are feeling better after the CFGC Conference. I sat right behind you and shook your hand when you completed your presentation. I was hoping to to talk to you, but you departed. I gleaned many great insights at the Conference.

    I am from the Calvary Chapel line and serving in the Army Reserve. I would like to talk to you, if possible. It would be brief.

    Blessings in Christ,
    Verfnon Smith

  10. Mike Batz says:

    Hope all is well with you…sent you an email about a month ago, hadn’t heard back. May God richly bless and keep you.
    M. Batz

  11. Mike Stevens says:

    Glen, it has been a few years. I met you in Kiev with my wife, Tonya. David Patterson is one of my board members and dear friend along with Carol. I remember Tonya and I flying back to the States with you and Jim Ammerman.

    I am a Pastor now; I was traveling in full time evangelism back then. I just finished your book–couldn’t put it down. I believe every minister should read it. I was blessed by your life story and your theological position on tongues and the controversy over it being the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

    I, like you, have enjoyed this gift for 30 years now. The “unbeliever” that tongues was for, in my case, was me! I was a green southern Baptist preacher when I received the gift. It was proof to me that the Holy Spirit was personal, and the gifts were still in operation.

    Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has had an impact on my life concerning the baptism of the Spirit. He writes that the baptism of the Spirit is about power for an assignmemt and has nothing to do with holiness. He points out that holiness is dealt with in Ephesians 5:18 where we are commanded to be filled with the Spirit, and that all of the gifts in 1 Corinthians can be counterfeited, yet a holy life cannot. There are many baptisms in the Spirit, referring to Acts 2 and 4. The baptism in the Spirit is all about God. He chooses the place, the time, and the manifestation. The filling with the Spirit, “be filled with the Spirit…” is the responsibility of man. We do this through prayer, reading and studying God’s word, fellowship with believer’s, praying in the Spirit, Communion, ect.

    I’ve never believed speaking in tongues was the initial evidence. I do believe every Spirit baptised person will eventually pray in tongues if they pursue this blessing. Anyway, I have rambled on too much. Just wanted to get your perspective on this thought.

    Your book was a blessing, and I am sure I will re-read it many times and use it as a reference. Thank you for your boldness, your conviction and honesty, and thank you for your love for the body of Christ. I know you have paid a price for your convictions, but when I read your book I could see your gentleness and love for the Assemblies of God and for the church as a whole. Thank you!

    In Christ,
    Mike Stevens

    • Glenn Brown says:


      Thank you for remembering. Much has happened in each of our lives during those intervening years. God is good.

      Regarding your comment about “every Spirit baptized person will eventually pray in tongues if they pursue this blessing.” Certainly , that seems to me to be a possibility. However, I would not be dogmatic on this issue for two reasons. (1) Paul, in addressing the diversity of spiritual gifts, indicates that the Spirit does not give to everyone the gift of tongues (I Cor. 12:30). (2) The distribution of gifts is the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. Only He has clear insight into why the gift of tongues may be withheld. Certainly, it was Paul’s desire that everyone be able to edify himself through praying in tongues he is less than dogmatic that this would (or should) happen.

      I will soon have a second edition of PR published. It will contain 40-50 pages of Addenda containing more scriptual insights, answers to questions and further explanatory details. The main body of the book remains essentially the same.

      I still have many copies of the first edition to distribute. I have come to realize that I must have personal contact with ministers and churches in order to create desire to read the book. If you have any interest in being part of this
      endeavor please let me know. The A/G pastor of one of the largest churches in the Dallas area wants to meet with me so I’m looking forward to that.

      I’ll email you copies of short articles that I’ve written recently that will be in the 2nd edition.

      Keepin touch. May God abundantly enrich your life with His presence.


  12. Duane & Diane Brown says:

    We enoyed visiting your webistie. Hope all is well with you and yours. Our daughter Debbie Woodard and her husband Chris have been considering missionary work and we told them about you. Below is their email address if you have any words of wisdom. God Bless!!

  13. Rick Walston says:

    Hello Glenn,

    A Richard Good just called me and told me of your book. He asked me if I knew you . . . I don’t. He told me that he asked you if you knew me . . . you don’t.

    So, I’m delighted to make your acquaintance.

    You and I both have an AG background, and we have both written on the issue of Tongues as Evidence. I too take issue with the Classical Pentecostal position.

    I’d like to communicate with you more about this topic and about our two books. Please email me at CES@ColumbiaSeminary.edu

    Rick Walston, PhD

  14. B.J.Stone says:

    Havn’t read your book yet. Can you send with invoice to Box 26742, Las Vegas, Nv., 89126. What caught my eye was the letter above from Mike Stephens re: Lloyd -jones? It seems that I Cor 12 ending is assuredly mistranslated by adding question marks and italics by the King’s scholars of England into English. Take out the italics and the ? marks and you have that Paul was telling the pentecostal church of his day the greatest gifts to be desired, which have the greatest following, are the 3 as follows in combination: of tongues, interpretation of tongues, gifts of healing. These three bring about the greatest attention of the flock and attendence. Not always does the healing gifted healer representing Jesus however use tongues and interpretation for administering their gift of healing always, or at all times during the gatherings. Also this gives the ability to be able to judge those who are “false apostles”, “false prophets”, “false workers of miracles” and fake “teachers”. Please comment and reply to my above email address. Thanks, B.J. and P>S> email your articles or article re: the divisivness of tongues. God bless

  15. Steven Butler says:

    Pastor Brown, you were my pastor at Faith Chapel in Pleasanton. I heard you on the radio yesterday, 8-1-2011. I was thrilled to hear you. I was never aware you had this position. I was ever so uncomfortable with the feeling that many in the AG church were ‘forcing’ me to ‘speak in tongues’. I was convinced that this was not ‘evidence’ of Spirit Baptism. However, as a new Christian, I didn’t know how to support my position.

    I was saved in your church, and baptized by you in that little hot tub in the back. I’d like to get an autographed copy. I look forward to reading the book. Thanks so very much for saying this. I have always felt that it was unfair to ‘make’ people try to do something that wasn’t coming naturally. I felt that nobody was being edified by some of the ‘tongues’ that were being spoken in different churches, so I kind of wandered away from Pentecostal and AG churches. Yet, I’ll never forget the Sunday night in Faith Chapel around 1989 when an evangelist was preaching on the passage where Peter and the Apostles were in a house that was shaken. Just then, Faith Chapel began to shake: it was an Earth Quake! Some of the people were afraid, but you and most of the faithful were overjoyed. What a beautiful sign from God it seemed, just as he said the words and the place started shaking.

    Well, I hope you are in great health. I’ll order a copy. Thanks. Please feel encouraged. I have hope that this gift can be used to bridge instead of divide, and edify (build up) the body of Christ.

  16. Glenn Brown says:

    Dear Steven,

    So good to hear from you…a very pleasant surprise. Let me know your address and I will send you an autographed copy of PENTECOST REVISITED.

    Donna and I are in good health and staying very busy. I am still involved in a mission in Ukraine where we have an orphanage established.

    Warmly in Christ,
    Glenn Brown

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